Free range chicken meat and eggs produced by domesticated poultries is among the consumers top food preferences while enables the poultry keepers producers to generate incomes by selling them. Free range poultry farming requires a special management to address the challenges of an uncontrolled environment including diseases, infections and syndromes without the use of antibiotics. This is impossible  as the knowledge of animal production science is absent to the most poultry keepers -newcomers or successors- and in many times the  domestic poultry project becomes less financially viable and sometimes devastating. Applied research studies has confirmed that alternative poultry breeding practices and modern genetics can address these challenges

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Globally more and more of households are applying the domestic poultry farming to produce poultry meat and eggs in order to generate extra incomes, for self-consumption and sometimes in the context of applying  subsistence farming. Furthermore,  there has been a steady growth of consumers demand about  these poultry products from domestic poultry farms due to the perception of their superior quality comparing to the commercial respectively. Mostly, this perception about this superior quality might largely deviate from the actual  quality of these products. As an example,  is perceived that the domestic  chicken meat is special  in relation to the commercial.This leads to the misperception that the domestic chicken has  a  chewy tough meat  with fat  which makes it eligible only for soups.  About the domestic egg production, there is a misperception that layers do not lay eggs  in the Winter and the rest months layers do not lay eggs very often. All these are leading  to the misperception of normal conditions which  caused due to the pure ingredients of the poultry feed they consume and it is accepted as normal due to their free range breeding. This e-book comes to disrupt these consolidated misperceptions and to enable the average domestic breeder to apply the domestic poultry farming by producing competitive and actual superior poultry products in terms of quality and quantity, by applying alternative practices relied  on applied research and modern genetics. Only on Amazon- Price 9,99€ or  $10,59 USD.